Your Sunday Digest for February 19, 2023: The Biggest Sting in History [video]

Your Sunday Digest for February 19, 2023: The Biggest Sting in History

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 February 19, 2023

Humans are fascinating creatures. They’re marvelous in so many ways, but easily manipulated and trusting that everyone is as good-hearted as they are.

Through many means, we have devolved into an self-gratifying, instant gratification species—mostly here in North America but we see the trends elsewhere.

Thanks to Q Military Intelligence we have a window to the gargantuan and brilliant operation underway for many years on our plane[t] to sanitize it of the monstrous creatures who have preyed on us and enslaved us for eons.

Many of us who follow the clues given—because they can’t just come out and tell us ‘The Plan’ without risking National Security and the success of the mission—innerstand the big picture and have gained a respect for the depth and breadth of this stealth operation. Others over-think it.

They don’t have all the pieces and/or they don’t have the faith to see the grandest scope imaginable and in their mind decide that if it doesn’t go the way they believe it should on the timeline they would like—they panic. Fear sets in. They’re afraid we’ve been had and that we are in danger.

The irony is, we were fooled and we were in danger—but it was long, long ago when it began and the best strategy the warriors who stood up for us and decided to end the evil once and for all devised, meant they would trick the enemy. A giant, multi-faceted, long-term sting operation that began with a sneak-attack.

The White Hats’ long-term plan involved allowing the dark ones to take their agenda to the eleventh hour, believing they would be successful in controlling and destroying Humanity and full dominion over Earth/Terra. But Hillary Clinton did not win the office of President of the United States. That was the moment of the first stab of the sword of truth. It took them completely by surprise.

“Q drops” gave us all we need to know and more, but some folks don’t see what they need to see to feel secure and trust that we are in good hands and like many of us have been doing for many years, they feel moved to warn others.

It’s fear talking, folks, and it’s how the cabal feels, because they have lost control. They are now in reactive mode and the Earth Alliance knows how to manipulate them into doing what they want them to do = expose themselves and their agenda to the world.

The White Hats can’t tell us every minute detail of the Plan. It’s up to us to connect the dots and through the love in our hearts, our intuition, and our connection to All-That-Is… our Creator, or whatever higher power we feel spawned us, we have to think in terms of the logical and strategic elements to what is unfolding.

There is more proof now than ever before that this spiritual war of good vs. evil is rising to the surface where the average person cannot hope to escape its talons and SEE that evil is losing. Their eyes will be opened at some point except for the small percentage Q estimates will never be able to face the reality and break from the brainwashing or face the horror.

Everyone reading this now has a choice; you can take the high road in the knowing that this is a long-term plan that will take YEARS to complete and together we will expedite it and help to inform others because we know what the ultimate outcome will be…

Alternatively, you can choose to wade through the muck of the swamp and scour the Internet for people who are putting out dire warnings about a multitude of threats and evidence that we were lied to and Trump is never coming back, yada, yada, yada, and take a victim mentality.

Before you choose which road to take, remember that “thoughts are things” and we are magnificently gifted creators. We’re also warriors, else we would not be incarnate here in this moment in time. This is a privilege, as difficult as it is sometimes.

That completes today’s sermon. Sorry to the faithful who don’t need a pep talk but some folks just don’t have the intestinal fortitude that many of us have developed over the years. They need encouragement and a little guidance. They’re not feeling the exhilaration we are about the monumental moves the Patriots and White Hats are making or inducing from the enemy who is in panic mode.

Okay scratch that. I’m going to go on… and on… and on. I’m way down the page now, so… just sayin’.

If you’re struggling, look at this way. You’re awake! That’s eighty percent of the battle. You’re just cruising now, watching, observing, clapping, sending love to those who are struggling with difficult situations and painful intervals. Q encouraged us to “enjoy the show”. They told us we’re “watching a movie”. How many masks, doubles and clones do we have to see to convince us that the drama we’re seeing isn’t real? Many of the worst monsters have been dealt with for several years.

The movie terminology is not to detract from the serious nature of the mission. It is the most important time in Humanity’s history, but we are not equipped to deal with what we don’t know. They can’t tell us everything. Many of us wouldn’t believe it anyway.

The Earth Alliance has, over many years, removed many of the threats to civilians and they removed some heavy hitters on the Khazarian Mafia team; the captains who steered the ship. Now there remains an army of minions who hate us and want us gone and they are so terrified they can’t think straight. They’re in a boat with one oar and they are paddling into all the traps. Sting-op status: SUCCESS.

However, Humanity has been so deceived about every aspect of our existence, our identity, our origins, our history, the nature of our reality—we’re like children compared to sentient Beings in other realms. That is why we need and have help to do this.

The Q Team, from what we can gather thus far, comprises souls numbering ten or less, at least one is probably not an Earth Human, one is Trump [Q+], there’s Melania, a US General or two, one is probably JFK Jr., and the rest would be speculation we won’t get into just now.

John F. Kennedy Jr. alive and well, could have retired, serving in the background

We also understand they have a fabulous Quantum Computer that can calculate probabilities. In near time-frames it is very accurate, and farther out it is slightly less accurate. We are largely unaware of how large a role Artificial Intelligence plays in other civilizations. The cabal didn’t just dream it up and decide to convert Humans into Trans-Humans. AI is a thing.

Then there is the time travel aspect that has never been shared with us until now. A few brave souls have come out over the years and told us time travel is possible but it’s not common knowledge. Jumping timelines is a thing, too.

The average person doesn’t believe it’s possible, or that there are off-worlders walking amongst us, or that ET craft have sailed our skies. That is all the stuff of movies to them. We need Disclosure, with a capital “D”.

We need to grow up and get with the programme, as they say. This is a war. A very real war. Most of it is a war of words and information, videos on tel-lie-vision, fake news, etc.

The Q Team pulled off a brilliant psyop, as I said years ago. They woke up a shit-load of Americans and warrior souls worldwide. Their plan worked. They gave us clues, used specific wording very skillfully, encouraged us to dig and research to learn the truth, to discern enough to protect ourselves and our loved ones, to prove to us that we are loved and there is a vast army fighting for us every day—and that they have been for some time.

They gently showed us who our enemy is, where they are hiding, how they managed to command such power, the evil of their cult, and that we are literally prey. Particularly our children.

At first I thought Q was not what it appeared, but when I paid close attention I changed my mind. It was so obvious they were the real deal and were helping us through a difficult time and needed us to be awake and to pick up the sword of truth and join the digital army.

Some may not have heard that call initially, but when General Flynn put out the enlistment message—many Americans heard it loud and clear. Who did the dark ones viciously attack? General Flynn. They always show us who their most powerful enemies are, and that is why they sought to massacre Trump and prevent him from returning to the Presidency.

If we think strategically we can see that the masses need to be awakened, and the only way to overcome the deep hypnosis and psychosis of Humanity is to bring them to the brink and show them what the current regime was doing, had been doing, and was planning to do. They have to show us that the ruination of our civilization as we know it is their goal.

Trump needed to be distanced from what is happening in the world. Even when he wasn’t President the cabal’s media blames him for things. You would think that would wake up a few people. Trump has never left office. He was elected fair and square, and the evidence of the election rigging is safe and sound with the military and the Q team.

When the time is right, according to the complicated web of events unfolding worldwide, Trump will probably be back—if that is what the Alliance has decided must happen for the greater good of all concerned.

Those who aren’t seeing what they want to see happen need to get out of their heads and look at this logically. They need to stop putting deadlines on events and conjuring up visions of what “success” and “winning” are. When did anyone declare war with the “end date” filled in? It’s ridiculous to even contemplate.

Very little of this has gone the way I expected, but I am certainly comfortable in my innerstanding of why it has to be as it is. I’m real comfy, in fact. I’m loving the journey—and most of the company. It was pretty lonely there for several years when most were so sleepy but the massive Q Army is too impressive to begin to describe. Humanity activated is a wondrous sight to behold and experience.

Throughout this long war we know that the ebb and flow of life will run its course. Many came out of retirement to do this work. We can rest easy knowing that when one soldier has to take leave and live portions of their life for a time, another will step up to take their place. No one expects us to stop living our lives. We do both as we can manage it.

This weekend I have heard from several new podcasters who tell us when they “woke up” and it was very recently—as in COVID did it. Now they’re out there interviewing people from all over the world who have expertise, wisdom, and encouragement to share. It’s breathtaking how this movement has blossomed.

There is so much information and Truth shared by so many people I might consider retiring or take a long vacation. But how could I? Now??? Of all times, now? Not bloody likely. There is much to do, and keeping the patriots on the straight and narrow is mandatory. Good drill sergeants are hard to come by.

Whatever you’re feeling, you’re not alone. Isn’t that a comforting thought? If you’re a warrior, get out there in the front line and put out information. Rub shoulders with your kind.

If you’re skeptical, concerned, doubtful, or worried, there are plenty of you, too. You have free will. Why choose to entertain negative thoughts? There is so much solid proof we are on a positive and rewarding trajectory. Like attracts like, so avoid people who spread negative information and encourage a victim mentality.

It’s one thing to be aware of the evil and the deeds the Khazarian mafia has committed over time, but to swim in that soup every day is a recipe for a headache and certain despair.

Positive, uplifting information which highlights the dramatic turnaround even just this year will buoy your spirits and plant seeds of hope. We are winning, and the dark magicians have very little remaining in their arsenal now. The higher Beings involved in this operation are light years ahead of the evil ones in not only technology, but intelligence. They live in service to others—the opposite of the cabal.

The Q “Map” has been a remarkable tool, and we are urged to read and re-read those missives and apply them to this journey thus far and consider their meaning for the near future. We are not alone, and we are not victims. We’ve got this.

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief because I’m done. I do want to share a fantastic round table update, however, linked by the crew. There is a lot of powerful information there that I believe you will find has an impact on your impression of this mission, where we are, where it’s going, who is who, etc. They don’t give dates and it’s not wise to deal with dates as we have been reminded that this war is not based on time but events. We’re not going to jump to the end of the line. Not happening, folks.

It’s like the dominoes tipping over. It has to be chronological. A domino in the middle of a complex arrangement cannot fall until it neighbour does. The domino at the end remains steadfast until all the other dominoes have been in play. Then—and only then—will we see the end, and I believe it’s a ways off yet, but things are improving and getting very exciting. The Great Awakening is accelerating.

There is a ton of information in this 1 hr. 27 minute discussion on many fascinating topics. I highly recommend it. Charlie Ward has been attacked relentlessly because he was tasked by the White Hats to inform us about the Quantum Financial System. I have always thought him a delightful chap and for those experiencing financial hardship, he tells us that due to the massive amounts of money stolen by the cabal over the years, if we were given what will be coming back to us at two years old, we couldn’t spend it in our lifetime. I believe that paraphrases. He does say, however, that it will be slowly distributed so it doesn’t sabotage Humanity, but it will remove the pain and allow us to live very comfortably without slaving away at jobs as many now do.


Thank you to the loyal crew for your engagement, likes, and great finds. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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