Archangel Jophiel: What You’ve Been Looking for For Eons

Archangel Jophiel: What You’ve Been Looking for For Eons

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Nobody can put out the fire!

The dark is losing power and evil will have to leave this world with those who emanate it.

On the NEW EARTH, power emanates from people who are capable of living love and giving love. That’s where everything develops, that’s where the journey goes, that’s where all your steps lead. No one can stop this development, no one can delay it, no one can quench the fire that is consuming the decay of this world.

So take courage and stay true to your original intentions! Only those who have thrown out the deep anchor of trust in God can persevere.

Deep in your heart you know why you are here now, deep in your soul there is a burning desire for peace, love and unity. The flame of knowledge burns deep within you. Beloved, it’s time to remember!

leave the cycle of death and rebirth

Take heart and get even deeper, deeper than ever, into your own transformation! Take a running start and jump over the abyss of ignorance! Nothing is more crippling than your doubt, nothing weakens you more than lack of trust in God.

Dig deeper and deeper until you find what you have been secretly looking for for eons: YOURSELF IN ALL YOUR POWER AND BEAUTY.

A loved person,

it’s about more than your homework, it’s about leaving the cycle of death and rebirth forever. You have arrived in your reality and are no longer part of the game.

This is the only journey worth sacrificing everything for now, this is the only way for people whose souls are full of longing for God.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation into English by



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