April 22, 2023: Earth Day [videos]

April 22, 2023: Earth Day [videos]

 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 April 22, 2023

It’s Earth Day—whatever “Earth” is. We understand it’s a construct; a closed system, and an anagram of “aether”, which is what surrounds us and, if we employed it, would freely power our world as it once did before the controllers snuffed that technology in favour of sources they could monetize which would make them filthy rich.

We understand they’re no longer rich, but they’re still filthy, according to a number of outspoken patriots. We’ve been shutting down the Khazarian mafia’s revenue sources and in the past several years have seen their castles and real estate going up for sale, the priceless antiquities which they pilfered were seen on the auction block, and new businesses have sprung up to replace their failed and disgraced corporations and retailers.

They are no longer the only game in town. In fact, their corporations and global systems are now spurned by millions. Mass layoffs are reported at McDonalds, Meta [Facebook], and some of their banks. Receivership has been in the news for Bed, Bath & Beyond already and Budweiser may be getting a visit from the grim reaper soon as well.

Now the evidence the New World Order poisoned our food supply in addition to the water and air is widely distributed and common knowledge in circles where people have the courage to face the truth and Earth is rapidly becoming a better place in many respects. One might say Earth is being “rebirthed”.

Of course the filth aren’t going down without a fight. Prime targets are our youth. Here we have youth and food supply being affected just north of Toronto. Link to Telegram.

Your Majesty Queen Romana,
Are Military or others available to intervene / investigate?
As many as 70% of students in multiple schools are calling in sick on multiple days after planes spray long streams in the skies over many areas including over Barrie, Innisfil, Bradford, Newarket, Aurora, and Richmond Hill, Ontario farmlands and Holland Marsh.
Teachers are concerned and report tarps were laid out to be tested without good results.

I AM Martha @rooftopcross forwarding the above question concern for your information.

We have one straggler of an interview with SG Anon from before his surgery, and Lt. Col. [Ret] Riccardo Bosi is also on the panel so it’s well worth a listen. 1 hr. 36 min.

(4/18/2023) | SGAnon Sits Down w/ Guru Dave and Riccardo Bosi of AustraliaOne

SG did a video message for us from the hospital post-op, and I have also pasted his Truth Social communiqué below. Hopefully the prayers get him through the second procedure and on a fast track to healing.

SGAnon  @RealSGAnon

SG Health Update:
4/21/2023 @ 8 PM EST USA

Final procedure to happen tomorrow, then home for recovery and “back to the saddle”.

If I were to write a 10-page essay in appreciation for each of you, every single day for the next 12months, it would not encapsulate how overwhelmed I am at your support and Love, Patriots and Anons.

You are some of the Finest People alive.
I am honored to stand (soon!) alongside all of you, once again.

God Bless WeThePeople.
God Bless Our World.

How do you supplant a decent police force to make room for mercenaries posing as civil servants who want to protect their community? Perhaps this update from Agent A1 makes sense. When officers get sick, are debilitated, or die, there are openings in the force that must be filled. The new Chief didn’t instill a lot of confidence after the Freedom Truckers’ rally. Link to Telegram.



Some members of the Ottawa, Canada police had issues with a mandatory injection. This story from about a year ago when a detective was suspended for investigating based on her intuition. She was one of 10 officers placed on leave.

Detective tried to uncover vaccine status of dead children’s parents, sources say

As we said, a prime directive of the psychopaths who have been running the world is to amass as much wealth as possible. No matter how much they have, it’s never enough.

Everything they do is about profit—usually at the expense of the Humans. The Covid scamdemic was no different. Link to Telegram.

“The Department of Justice today announced criminal charges against 18 defendants in nine federal districts across the United States for their alleged participation in various fraud schemes involving health care services that exploited the COVID-19 pandemic and allegedly resulted in over $490 million in COVID-19 related false billings to federal programs and theft from federally funded pandemic programs.

In connection with the enforcement action, the department seized over $16 million in cash and other fraud proceeds. The Center for Program Integrity of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CPI/CMS) separately announced today that it took adverse administrative actions in the last year against 28 medical providers for their alleged involvement in COVID-19 schemes.”


It’s unbelievable how many Canadian doctors have “died suddenly” post-Covid.


Once again, I lost the connection to the server just before I wanted to publish and the tail end of my post. Signing off for today. Enjoy your weekend.  ~ BP

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