Montana House Endorses Bill Removing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Environmental Reviews

Montana House Endorses Bill Removing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Environmental Reviews

Posted By: Basil
Date: Saturday, 22-Apr-2023 13:50:40

~BasilSnip Jonathon Ambarian
Posted at 6:44 PM, Apr 21, 2023HELENA — The Montana House has given initial approval to a bill introduced late this session that seeks to revise the state’s rules for environmental reviews, in response to a court decision that stopped work on a proposed natural gas-fired power plant near Laurel.In a preliminary vote Friday, House members voted 71-29 in favor of House Bill 971, sponsored by Rep. Josh Kassmier, R-Fort Benton. Three Democrats joined all Republicans in support.The bill would prevent the state from considering greenhouse gas emissions or their potential impacts on climate change when doing an environmental review on a proposed project.“House Bill 971 makes it clear that, until the federal government by the act of Congress mandates that carbon is a regulated pollutant, or unless and until Montana policymakers enact laws to regulate carbon, a procedural review does not include climate analysis,” Kassmier said.

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