Argorians Update: Frequencies to Increase

Argorians Update: Frequencies to Increase

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While Co-Creators are working on the new 3D Earth’s Logos (see Ram, DNI, April 27, 2023), friendly space races continue 24/7 gradually dismantle our three-dimensional world at the quantum and atomic-molecular level and simultaneously expand the 5D space on our planet’s Subtle Plane. The Argorians’ space fleet and two Siriusians’ tracking stations on the Moon (one at 23D and other is its neutrino counterpart) daily report their contribution and current developments. Below is a brief summary of the latest updates.

On 28 April at 09:38 AM CET, neutrino tracking station signaled that new powerful high-frequency streams from Gerios Galaxy entered Earth. They ruptured some fragments of the cosmic header and lateral system, despite protective measures. Two rescue teams of Argorians immediately began to restore the breached parts.

At the same time, they warned that the frequencies will increase, and the quantum flows will become even denser and increase the strength of Solar storms. Unfortunately, on Earth, monitoring data is often deliberately underestimated and falsified in order not to create unnecessary problems for the System. The maximum expansion of the planet’s Quasitron (a single system of Portals in the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea) increases the power exchange between dimensions, and, respectively, all energy channels and chakras are actively expanding in the human body.

Intense saturation of the Earth’s space with high vibrations adversely affects general physical and mental state, causing painful reactions in the form of fever or chills, internal spasms and exacerbation of chronic diseases. Gradually, all this will go away, the cells are constantly being cleaned and upgraded. It takes time to transform and adapt to new energies that were not previously on the planet.

On 23 April at 08:45 AM CET, from the Argorians flag ship came additional details about their work on Earth’ Subtle Plane. Using several quantum streams, they formed a plasma cocoon around the planet, a fractal in the form of a 5-layer sphere, to continue the transformation.

Two intersecting pulse streams are connected to the cocoon (bottom left).The upper oblique vector marks the brown with a yellow tinge ERMIGO energy that morphs the 3D substances being removed. From this stream, Argorians direct 5D dark-red BAROUR jets (vertical arrows), which form a new Earth’s information field and new types of plasma in the atmosphere. The lower oblique vector indicates three-dimensional energies. They have built-in platforms of the black CHERGEN energy. Using it, Argorians sort and flush out negativity that earthlings continue to generate and accumulate non-stop in Subtle Bodies, theirs and of the planet.

Each layer of the fractal is filled with a specific energy. The light orange ERCADO creates an impulse of power motor contractions and supports temporary codes and software till a new 3D Earth’s Logos and Causal Matrix loading will be ready. Golden LOBE runs the Earth’s signal system and removes unnecessary energy. Dark orange LEKAS helps to form 5D matter. The yellow-pink FERMAGO cleanses the Hologram, saturates it with a new DNA code.

By powerful prominences, Earth emits the red energy ERMA (in the diagram on the right). Argorians use it to prepare the future planetary 5D Matrix, its foundation and framework. The quantum flows necessary for this are directed from the sixth dimension and fill the Earth’s space through a Quasitron (the blue spiral at the top left).

On 22 April at 08:30 AM CET, Argorians informed how Souls are distributed between the third and fifth dimensions today. Data are tracking by online scanning and analysis of the luminosity of EACH earthling’s Subtle Bodies. The diagram does not give specific figures (they change every minute), only schematically shows an approximately equal ratio. The only exception is those who cannot decide where to go. In the total population of the planet, they account for about 10% of Soul carriers.

Argorians note that the stratification of earthlings by vibrational characteristics causes increasing tension in society. As of the end of April 2023, the stability of the 4D high-frequency ethereal field on Earth has reached 97%. It means that many people couldn’t stay in the third dimension, and must redouble their efforts to move into 5D through the transitional fourth density, changing the energy of their emotions, thoughts and behavior.

Yes, we don’t see the 4-dimensional space stratification, but on a Subtle Plane, Argorians check it very accurately. Today, the entire Earth’s field is in active motion. Quantum flows are increasingly flowing from higher dimensions to 5D, 4D and 3D, causing many unusual phenomena. Our consciousness is changing faster, and the transformational loads on the body are getting higher.

As mentioned above, the Gerios Galaxy energies will have an additional powerful impact on us. The Argorians’ space ships continue transporting there 5D Earth via a multi-dimensional channel. At present, the squadron moves in the last, sixth filter of this conduit. Its structure is similar to a multilayer sieve, consisting of different quantum structures that purify and transform by their radiation 3D Earth through its Multiverse.

The closer to the exit from the separator, the smaller are the cells. It means that the passage is tougher. The filter is programmed to carefully sort the energies according to the specified frequency parameters, which affects the speed of the space convoy. Even on our three-dimensional level, we feel these impacts, despite the protective heliosphere around the Solar System.

We notice how time has accelerated; events are flashing like a kaleidoscope, and how tough to orient self in what is happening. Our feelings, attitude and consciousness are changing. The properties of the physical corpus and Subtle Bodies expand. Old information is being actively withdrawn from each cell, and it is increasingly difficult for us to recall past events. The freed space is gradually and carefully filled with new data, updating those who consciously perceive quantum restructuring and are ready for it.

The compositions of water, air, and minerals are changing. This causes responses in all living organisms, forcing either to adaptation to 5D environmental parameters, or to the heavy diseases and premature death.

If our civilization lived in harmony with the Source, everything would be easier and softer. The spiritless, soulless and technogeek path of development led to the restoration of late Atlantis, whose Black elite continues to incarnate from the astral and etheric planes. Under their leadership, scientists began to interfere with the genome of Nature, disrupting the flow of cosmic energies, changing the properties of plants and animals, and also got into human DNA.

But Co-Creators will remove all distortions. Anything that does not comply with the space Golden Standards and Pleroma’s codes will leave the planet. Only Light carriers will be able to live in the fifth dimension. We are on the verge of active changes, the process has launched, the new life support system is on, and it’s the 3D System final countdown.

**Received by Lev



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