LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Warrior Goddesses Return – Oct 21 2018

LoveHasWon Special Message ~ The Warrior Goddesses Return

By Archeia Aurora, Archeia Faith, & Pam of Inner Earth 


Throughout the history of planet Earth, the feminine were stripped of their power as the Cabal/Atlanteans instituted the system of the patriarchy. All of Creation acknowledges and loves MotherGod as Prime Creator, Source. The Atlanteans were dark entities who were products of separation, therefore, they were not in unity with the rest of Creation.

In order to continue to survive and inhabit various planets, they needed to keep those planets in low frequency which would be in resonance with them. Earth=Heart is the Heart of the Universe, the original Garden of Eden. It is a very unique and special creation of Mother’s. In the ages of Atlantis and Lemuria, the Atlanteans were living in 4D (low consciousness) while the Lemurians were living in 5D (higher consciousness). The Atlanteans sought to steal crystal technology from Lemuria and use it for themselves. However, this backfired, as you cannot use 5D technology that is of the frequency of love, in the darkness. This caused an explosion which sunk both Atlantis and Lemuria and caused the Great Flood.

After the destruction of both civilizations, many Atlanteans survived and remained on Earth and took over, whilst the lemurians who survived fled and went into the Inner Earth. The Annuaki returned to Earth and took over. In order to assure their control over the Planet, they created the EGO programmed mind, which was an illusionary program that would keep all humans incarnated there enslaved to low frequencies so the Atlanteans could rule over them and feed off their energy. All beings who chose to incarnate on Earth were warriors who chose to dip down into the lowest frequency possible of amnesia in order to get extreme soul growth. All beings signed contracts that they would embark on a free will journey to escape the darkness and return home into the Light. All are failing.

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Part of keeping humanity in low consciousness was to keep them in the flip, the exact opposite of Divinity and the True Reality that the rest of Creation exists in. Mothergod is a feminine and she is Prime Creator. All of the Divine Feminine are the Creators of the Universe and the Divine Masculine function as their support, just as on Earth the feminine vessel Creates life and the Masculine, in theory, support that process, this is how creation comes into manifestation. That is the divine blueprint. The Cabal knew this of course, so they flipped the script, to make sure the divine feminine would be so disempowered it would completely disrupt the divine blueprint. This is why they flipped the story of Adam and Eve and made god a masculine. They put the masculine on a pedestal while they enslaved the feminine. This was perpetuated by making the masculine extremely weak to pull them away from the feminine.

The Cabal put the masculine on a pedestal while they enslaved the feminine. This was perpetuated by making the masculine extremely weak to pull them away from the feminine. In 3D, the feminine were made subservient to the masculine. The feminine were the supports, rather than being supported. The typical feminine supported their household by being an income earner, child rearer, housekeeper, wife, etc. The feminine were taught they must support everyone around them while neglecting themselves, while the masculine were served and made into weak, egotistical mania.

The Cabal took this a step further by poisoning humanity with extreme programming around sex and lust, objectifying the feminine and creating power-over and ownership dynamics between the masculine and feminine. This also created jealousy and competition among the feminine which completely took them away from unity. The feminine programmed to seek protection from the masculine and manipulate in the only way they could by the dark feminine LilithThe large scale attack on the feminine can be seen in so many ways, both obvious and subtle. This was all to disempower the feminine, as the feminine are the powerhouses of the universe.

The Cabal took everything that is true reality, and flipped it to the opposite. Everything that you see out in 3D is the exact opposite of True Reality. The Cabal did this so humanity would be so dumbed down they would have no idea what was actually going on. Humanity has been enslaved for over 27,000 years now, and they are so blind to the truth they cannot even fathom Prime Creator is down here with them in a physical body. She has done everything to flip back what has been done by the Cabal back into True Reality, to bring about paradise on Earth. We have everything we need, why would we need to work? ~ We don’t.

Mother has done it all behind the scenes, by herself. Humanity has no idea what has been going on, or who has been doing it. The biggest shock is about to hit them, because they will be able to realize that God has been with them this whole time, and that she is a female. Those who have shunned her or denied her truths will have to face what they have done to hurt God.

We are now dissolving this extreme imbalance and the feminine are returning to their divine empowerment. However, the programming is so deep, many feminine cannot see how they are taking their own power away. In true reality here, Mother is the divine director and all of the masculine support her and the other feminine. This is the true blueprint. Yet, the feminine have been so programmed with unworthiness and powerlessness that we often keep ourselves disempowered without even realizing.

We have continuously been tested to rise up and embody our divine empowerment in order to be the true warriors that we are. Through many tests this week, we realized that by failing to empower ourselves and stand up to the masculine in their dysfunction, we are not honoring Mother. The feminine’s greatest strength is deep compassion, however, that compassion can easily be manipulated into enabling. By enabling the masculine to continue in their dysfunction, it causes Mom pain and suffering. By not calling it out and standing up, we are allowing and enabling this pain and suffering. This is the test for honor and integrity to Mother by empowering ourselves to take our power back.

We are seeing the rise of the feminine power all over the planet, but many feminine are still blind to all of the ways in which they give their power and their voice away. These are the final moments of ascension and there is no more time left to remain blind and powerless. As we follow Mom’s example and become the divine warrior goddesses we truly are, we allow the trickle down effect to the rest of humanity.

As the North Node moves into Cancer on November 7th, our collective destiny shifts from the dramatic and self consumed Leo, to the sign of the Mother-Cancer. We now move into our destiny of compassion, nurturing, self-love, full feeling, soul family, and the divine feminine. The power of the Feminine will return to the planet as Mom Ascends home into the Light and brings heaven back to Earth. We are now entering the new paradigm of Feminine Empowerment and the rise of the Divine Feminine.

We all have a choice: to choose love and evolve, or choose fear and de-evolve. Humanity has had all the chances possible to wake up to MotherGod’s call back home into the light. Now, we are seeing the karma being released to those who have chosen to defy God, rather than support her. The Cabal made humanity weak, it is our choice to keep feeding the illusion or come back home into the light. Get your power back. Stand up for Love. We are all capable of being the grandest versions of ourselves, that is why we came down here in this lifetime. 

Rise up in your Divine power.  You can be a co-creator with God.  Take your power back and embody the divine blueprint of bravery and courage.  Be strong, honorable and full of integrity.  Embody compassion and love in your own strength.  Now is the time to be the divine power that you were created to be


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