(Reader: Max Wolfe) The Quantum Financial System, QFS

(Reader: Max Wolfe) The Quantum Financial System, QFS



 -Thursday, 24 November 2022, 0:26 AM

Reader Post | By Max Wolfe


The next world economic system will not only be fraud proof it will track crime. 

Also, to connect to the QFS Starlink Satellite based economy governments will have to sign the Gesara Nesara protocol. 

That is why Russia asked the Western Nations in NATO to sign a non aggression pact.

This protocol creates International Laws which destroy the basis of Western Democracy, War & Fraud. 

The QFS financial system is already up & running. It has been integrated into over 50% of the worlds Nation States.

The UK & the USA have failed to integrate with other countries. And are continuing to fight & start new wars to create their own Global Fascist World Government.

Part of their agenda is to destroy their own domestic economies & impose 5G fascist control over their populations. 

This is to preserve their own personal wealth & power. 

We are now in a slow battle to weed out the corrupt Greed Monkeys in our administrations.


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