Deep State | How the Deep State Destroyers Threaten Your Way of Life

By Medeea GreereJanuary 28, 2023

Deep State | How the Deep State Destroyers Threaten Your Way of Life

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Think of the thousands of people working like diabolical ants so we can be reborn in their diabolical image. They have a secret weapon they employ against us. By tearing up the railroad tracks, burning bridges, and putting sugar in our gas tanks, they plan to ensure there is no going back to our old ways. In a page out of history, Cortés burned his ships when he reached the New World to make a point: there was no going back for them, either.

The Destroyers know they have limited time to do their mischief before they’re found out. Once light shines on them, like cockroaches, they’ll scurry to the darkest recesses they can find. These people know that the clock is ticking, and it is getting harder and harder to hide the damage they are doing to us all. Has the damage been enough to us to keep us from turning back the clock?

The Destroyers have an annual January convention right out in the open. The World Economic Forum (WEF) holds its annual conclave in Davos, Switzerland to make decisions about its carefully curated world. We weren’t invited. Kerry, Yellen, and at least ten other U.S. government officials attended, along with despots, thieves, Hollywood types, and Greenmailers.×182&!2&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=l9Z9b4Hz29&p=https%3A//

In a place where globalism and climate change come together, over 1,000 governmental and private aircraft landed to discuss eliminating your fossil fuel footprint. They don’t set a good example for mere mortals; rather, as the elite, they always will exempt themselves from what they mandate of others. “Do as I say, not as I do,” they tell us.

The following concepts and principles will make it hard to return to the America of our forefathers:

Patriotism. Start with the premise that patriotism is now anti-woke, and go on from there. This Atlantic article sums it up perfectly. It’s okay to be a patriot, not a nationalist. Our definition of patriotism is defined as love of country, and as a nationalist, you love and boost your country as frequently as possible. This is the opposite of what globalists and socialists want.

Politics in America. One word describes us: divided. How did we get this divided, angry, and self-destructive? Is this something new, or has it always been this way? No, this is not something new. The stridence of individuals frequently relates to their party affiliation. Dems tend to go left today; therefore, those with a strong affinity for the Democrat party are pulled in that direction. The same concept, unfortunately, applies to Republicans. Lost in partisan politics is the foundational truth of who we were and the blessings bestowed on America through those truths.

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I am a conservative writer, so my bias is toward traditional thinking. This means I am cautious about making quick, radical changes. That’s why I’m frightened by what’s happened to the Democrat party. People I know have abandoned the far-left-leaning Democrat party as too extreme for them. Growth comes primarily from immigrants and the young, who are blank slates for the Destroyers.

Morality. Those working to destroy us don’t want — they even fear — a strongly ethical country. We always come back to the obvious: morality and ethics are essential to keep society on the straight and narrow. We live in a world where 1 + 1 no longer equals two, and where doing the right thing can make you an object of ridicule or, even worse, see you sued, beaten up, or prosecuted. Prosecutors aren’t even prosecuting theft, hit and run, or assault in some jurisdictions.

Debt. We have arrived at Armageddon. We’ve reached a point where the financial standing of our country has to come into question. Our ability to be subverted by malign actors is ever-present as we face the reality of being an extreme debtor nation.

Most Democrats and too many Republicans believe that doing something about our debt crisis is like touching the third rail. There is a real fight within the Republican party to use the debt ceiling issue to force reforms. Ask yourself: if not now, then when? Interest on the debt will soon become the single largest federal government expenditure.

Families and Religion. Remember the expression, “Dance with the one who brought you”? One of the distinctive differences for us is our core belief in family and God. Yet the government has been trying desperately to inculcate our children into a system absent God and traditional family values. The government redefined marriage and removed us from the foundational “one nation under God.” Our belief in family and God is why we’ve created the world’s largest and ever-growing economy and the largest middle class. Without those principles, we have begun to sink and become just another country with unsolvable problems. It is inevitable that without God and family at our core, we will not survive as a recognizable whole. And that’s the Destroyers’ intent.

Education. Perhaps nowhere else have we been so damaged than in our educational systems, from pre-K to doctoral. Termites of evil and misinformation at our schools have eaten away at our traditional foundations, invisible from the outside until they swarm. Our schools are shot through with manipulation, reinvented histories, and strident haters of America.

There are many ways we could put a stop to this crisis that will affect the next generation of citizenry. Parents need to regain the power and oversight they ceded all too readily. They must oust those on school boards and in teachers’ unions who are complicit in the brainwashing of America.

Energy.  People will be flying much less in the future, with $20-a-gallon SAF fuel requirements and the false god of electric airplanes being promoted. Even worse is our government’s single-minded push for electric vehicles of all kinds, even going so far as electric tanks!

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Media. Mainstream media no longer reliably cover important stories that in any way conflict with the left’s hard-left tilt. Read Journalism’s Code of Conduct and see how far most journalists diverge from what they espouse. I certainly wish their code had the power of law so we could prosecute lobbyists acting as journalists, making believe they are reporting the news fairly.

These are the top categories I could fit in an essay of limited length. Within these selected categories are the actions and policies undertaken to reduce your freedom by dragging us all along a hidden path of no return that will see us all entrapped in a dystopian world of horrors.

The way back starts with an understanding of what the Destroyers are doing. We’ve all been warned.



GITMO: Where They Go One, They Go All To Tribunal – Arrest and Criminal Prosecution of Barack Obama For War Crimes – Obama The Only Guy With a Nobel Peace Prize And a “Kill List” . . .

Barack Hussein Obama The Only Guy With a Nobel Peace Prize And a Kill List . . .

Barack Hussein Obama should face the International Criminal Court, or a court of justice, whereby he faces trial to defend himself on the charges outlined forthwith, and that he surrender his Nobel Peace Prize, and award he never deserved.

The indiscriminate bombing and the destruction of modern Libya, a war of choice, whereby Libya and the government of Muammar El Gaddafi was not a direct threat to US national security or its interests.

According to a Le Monde article dated May 13, there were between 600,000 and 1,000,000 Libyan refugees in Tunisia, many of which were political opponents of the present forces in power in Libya, and many of which are supporters of the Jamahiriya of Muammar Gaddafi…

Read the full article HERE:


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